Update 2 July 2020:

Public worship will reopen in our parish on Sat 4th July 2020, see the calendar for the details of the services.

It will take place following all the current government guidance regarding the rules against the spreading of the coronavirus. A few main points, in no particular order:

  1. Face masks are needed to be worn in church at all times, with the exception of clergy and the chantor(s)

  2. Public services will continue to be streamed online using Zoom/YouTube - see details on the parish calendar, under each of the services

  3. Seating is only available for up to 40 people, on a "first come, first served"basis

  4. There will be no food or drink served after the services

  5. Social distancing rules must be followed at all times

  6. Hand disinfectant gel will be provided at the entrance in the church and is compulsory to be used.

  7. Face coverings are now compulsory to be worn at all times whilst in church.

  8. Sunday Divine Liturgy attendance is by appointment, due to the limited number of seats (social distancing rules are in place, which limits the number). The Calendar has a link on how to make an appointment.

  9. Additional info can be provided on request and is also present on the sister page of this page, in Romanian - please consult it. Reason: most parish members are Romanian.

Additional information and guidance can be found on the CoE portal - link HERE.


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