Parish in quarantine

All religious services during the COVID-19 quarantine are cancelled, a imposed by the government. The church is currently CLOSED for all services.


There are however a few things which you need to note:


  1. All usual (Sunday Liturgy, Thursday and Saturday evening servies, Bible Study on Monday etc) services and events are still being run from the small Prayer Room which has been put in place at Fr John's home and are broadcasted online using the Zoom platform

  2. To connect and be able to listen to the services, you first need to install the Zoom app on your smartphone or the Zoom software on your PC. Then you need to navigate to the webpage containing the parish calendar and under each service you will find a unique link you need to access in order to connect to that service. The parish calendar is here: 

  3. Any scheduled services at church like Baptisms will need to be rescheduled. You will be contacted in due time for this, but if there is less than 2 weeks to the service and you have not been contacted for some reason, please call Deacon Marius - contact details are on the Contact page.

  4. We insistently ask that you follow all the rules related to quarantine, as they are there for our own safety.


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